About Spintastics

Spintastics Skill Toys, Inc. started by Dale and Val Oliver. Dale, the 1992 World Yo-Yo Champion, began designing his line of yo-yos in 1995, predominantly for his renowned Science of Spin* school program, with quality and affordability in mind. His world class performance style, teaching ability and remarkable foresight in research and development, along with Val’s yo-yo and spin top skills were the backbone of the Spintastics’ early years. This placed Spintastics in the top 5 U.S. yo-yo manufacturers, making it the only manufacturer of a yo-yo owned and designed by a world champion himself. His designs quickly blossomed not only into a full line of quality yo-yos, but that of spin tops and diabolos as well, with industry changing innovations and his variety of skills, Spintastics has become one of the top yo-yo brands in the world

*For more information about Val Oliver’s Science of Spin Program, click  here.

Dale Oliver, 1992 World Yo-Yo Champion and founder of Spintastics

In September 2015, Lars and Andrea, owners of Yoyoplay in Dallas, Texas, one of Spintastics’ long time and valued customers, purchased the manufacturing of the Spintastics’ line of Diabolos and Spinabolos. By April 2016, they also acquired the manufacturing of the Spintastics’ line of Yo-Yos, as well as the trademarked name ‘Spintastics’ itself, holding and maintaining the quality reputation in the skill toy industry.


In 2019 Mitch Silver, owner of YoyoSam, purchased the Spintastics Spin Top business from Dale and Val Oliver. Two years later he purchased the Yo-Yo and Diabolo portions of the company from YoYoplay, bringing the whole family of products back together under the Spintastics Skill Toy name. Most of Dale’s original designs and innovations have proven to be timeless and still dominate the Spintastics product line. But new products and new variations of old products are on the way. The future of Spintastics is looking very bright.